EOS provides relevant, forward-thinking professional development and school design based on 21st Century research.


EOS Principles

Eos Education is committed to a set of principles that places the learner at the centre of education. These principles promote education as a relevant experience to be embraced, as well as enjoyed, allowing the learner to achieve beyond conceivable expectations.
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EOS by Design

Work in partnership with us to impliment whole school change from staff to your classroom. You can benfit from:

• EOS School Review
• Headteacher Performance Management
• Leadership coaching
• Classroom coaching
• 3-Day Odyssey to launch
• EOS Training discounts
• #EosEd2017 Conference Discount
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Eye of the storm

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On Saturday 19th March Eos Education partnered with TEDxNorwich for an amazing day of talks focusing on Thinking Differently. We were bowled over meeting so many amazing speakers and educators who were committed to the future of education. Eos had… Find out more

April 26, 2016

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