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Hartsholme Academy

Hartsholme Academy (previously Hartsholme Primary School) had been in ‘Special Measures’ twice. It was 39% below floor standards and ranked as 5th worst school in the country.

Since beginning our journey of research and innovation, we have had 100% of children making the national two levels progress in Year 6 SATS. Last year we achieved our highest average points score with 30.5, 1.7 points higher than the national average. The percentage of children achieving Level 4 in reading, writing and mathematics was 100%.

The innovative pedagogy and practices at the Academy have been recognised both nationally and internationally, culminating in the creation and evolution Eos Education which has now engaged and collaborated with over 200 schools nationally to help share pedagogy and research. This work has now spread internationally. Already this year we have had visitors from Denmark, USA, Australia and India. Eos Education continues to work closely with Hartsholme Academy to ensure that innovation and success are at the heart of everything we do.

When we first started implementing pedagogy and practices here, parents were always very supportive. The reason for this was quite simply the children’s enthusiasm about their learning. Parents would thank us for finally being able to talk to children regularly about their learning – because the children were so engaged and animated they came home or even just out of the classroom and excitedly recalled what was happening to them, or what they had experienced that day. Most parents who look around the school really understand the principles and pedagogy.

We have a passion to provide the very best for our pupils and staff and the relationship between Hartsholme and Eos Education is completely symbiotic.