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EOS Odyssey


You can probably want for nothing more following a staff training event than to hear staff declaring it, “The most memorable training day of my entire career!” That is the power of EOS Odyssey and #EosOdyssey2016

EOS Odyssey is a unique and bespoke learning journey across two or more days which leaves staff feeling excited, motivated, and inspired to work as an effective team, focusing on pedagogy and on learning. Over the duration of EOS Odyssey, staff are focussed on an essential, driving question to which they need to find an answer through an engaging, immersive ‘Project Slice’. Staff are placed in the position of learners in order to experience the excitement and the productive struggle that we strive to achieve with our students.

The first day begins shrouded in mystery and intrigue with a journey to an unknown location to experience the Project Slice. Venues visited in recent years include, Blists Hill Victorian Town, York and The York Dungeon and the Harry Potter Studios.

Some examples of the focus of the Project Slice day include:

  • Exploring symbiotic relationships to build relationships between staff at different sites within a Multi-Academy Trust;
  • Finding the answer to the question, ‘What is the key to engagement?’ to explore the use of REAL Projects as a curriculum design tool;
  • Grappling with the essential question, ‘If the pier had ears and eyes, what stories would it tell?’ in order to develop links with the locality, its people and its history and the school and its curriculum.

Although the first day is a huge amount of fun, it is obviously so much more than ‘a school trip’! There are tasks a plenty to be completed throughout the day and despite staff often being exhausted on the way home, they are always astounded by the buzz and excitement that follows.

Follow-up days are facilitated by and with the EOS Education team to help develop a practical understanding of the chosen principles and pedagogies, which will have been woven into the Project Slice and its essential, driving question and experiences. There is always time to reflect on the Project Slice through follow-up activities including sharing Presentations of Learning. These days, like the whole of the EOS Odyssey experience, are carefully crafted and tailored to the needs of each individual setting (from Nursery to Secondary Schools to PRUs, both in the UK and worldwide) and no two EOS Odysseys are ever the same!

The feedback we receive from our schools is that the experience of EOS Odyssey is intense, informative and fun! It offers a great opportunity for staff to bond and develop a real culture of teamwork. To find out more, please check out the Twitter hash tag #EosOdyssey2016, visit Eos Odyssey or contact enquiries@eoseducation.com