23 March 2018 – We’re going on an ADVENTURE…….

Starring George Couros



George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning. He has worked with all levels of school–from K-12 as a teacher and technology facilitator, school and district administrator, and is the author of the book “The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity”. He is one of education’s most sought after speakers, and speaks on the topic of innovative student learning and engagement and has worked with schools and organizations around the globe. George is also the creator of connectedprincipals.com, an initiative that brings educators and leaders together from around the world to create powerful learning opportunities for students.

George Couros offers engaging and empowering keynotes, workshops, and professional development programs. His insightful blend of research, personal stories, and practical advice for implementing new learning helps others feel comfortable in taking control of their own personal and professional growth. Having served at a variety of levels as an educator and administrator, George shares his personal experience and wisdom to equip educators and leaders to take risks that result in innovative learning opportunities for students.  

“Great messages from George Couros. I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m learning and thinking. Thank you.”

“Uplifting, amazing, motivating presentation George Couros. Be the game changer and change the lives of your students!”

“George Couros… your words will be forever in my heart. You are an amazing speaker. I will be a better educator,wife,mom. and daughter due to this message.”

“ I think George Couros’ keynote was the best I’ve ever experienced.”


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23 March 2018

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