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A one day INSET

Pick two of the following options;

Option 1
Introduction to REAL Projects
Learning Through REAL© Projects aims to unlock student engagement and stimulate curiosity, providing deeper thinking and a passion for learning. This exploratory session will develop an understanding of REAL© Projects and how to implement REAL© Projects in your setting.

This session will introduce the key elements of Learning Through REAL© Projects such as an essential driving question, exhibitions and beautiful real world outcomes, and will explore the philosophy behind this pedagogical approach. Examples of projects will be shared to discuss the importance of an authentic audience and adult world connections.

Option 2
Challenge-Based Learning
Challenge based learning is an engaging approach to teaching and learning that encourages learners to leverage a range of resources they use in their daily lives to solve ‘real world’ problems. The children start with a challenge and are then empowered to make their own choices to solve the problem. This approach allows children to apply their skills to real life problems that are relevant and engaging.

Challenge Based Learning is collaborative and hands-on, asking students to work with peers, teachers, and experts in their communities to ask good questions, develop deep subject knowledge, identify and solve challenges, take action, and share their experience. Consequently children learn through experience and collaboration whilst teachers and adults can teach and move learning forwards with timely precision when the children are most receptive. We will facilitate you in understanding the philosophy, implementation into daily practice, lesson design & planning and helping you to fit it into a wider curriculum.

Option 3
What is Learning?
Carl Jarvis will explore the implications that current neuro-science has on teaching and learning in the here and now of today. He will challenge the meaning and purpose of learning and will develop thinking around what constitutes outstanding teaching & learning; what this looks like and, essentially, what it means for our pupils. Questions we will explore;

• What is a learning ‘eco-system’ and where does ‘immersive learning’ fit in?
• Where should I start?!
• How do I break down the ‘barriers’?
• How do you plan a project?
• Where do I go for help?

A step-by-step guide
• How do we learn?
• How does the brain work?
• What does engagement really mean?
• How do you know students are engaged?
• Sensory stimulation
• The role of the learning environment thinking beyond the constraints of a ‘classroom’
• Embedding technology into learning
• Cultural change
• A passion for learning
• Personalised approaches to assessment and feedback

Option 4
Critique is a robust peer-to-peer assessment protocol proven to accelerate progress in any year group. By following the ‘golden rules’ of being Kind, Helpful & Specific all children can produce beautiful work of which they are immensely proud without the need for hours on hours of teacher marking.

This practical workshop will:
• Take you through a step-by-step guide to the protocols;
• Demonstrate how to engage students in Critique;
• Develop the language of critique;
• Facilitate encouraging students to embrace the culture of beautiful work;
• Support you with developing a culture of creating multiple drafts in order to produce beautiful work where time is not the enemy.

1 Day School INSET
Pick two of the four options available

27 January 2017 and 28 April 2017 at Hartsholme Academy or any other date at your own school or alternative venue

From £1000 plus lunch and refreshments



From £1000 plus lunch and refreshments


27 January 2017 Hartsholme Academy
28 April 2017 Hartsholme Academy
Other dates available at your own school or alternative venue
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