A ground-breaking approach from the nation’s most innovative schools

What could immerive learning mean for your school

  • Engaged and reflective learners
  • Raised standards
  • Outstanding staff
  • Rapid progress

A Step-by-step guide

  • How do we learn?
  • How does the brain work?
  • What does engagement really mean?
  • How do you know students are engaged?
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Theroleofthelearningenvironment- thinking beyond the constraints of a ‘classroom’
  • Embedding technology into learning
  • Cultural change
  • A passion for learning
  • Personalised approaches to assessment and feedback

The toolkit

  • Sample immersed lesson plans
  • Classroom props
  • Strategies to engage parents
  • Examples of differentiation, assessment and feedback in immersive classrooms

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