Inset Days

EOS will speak with you well in advance of any planned Inset Day training in order to plan a bespoke event relevant to your context and setting.  Each and every professional development day is unique and we pride ourselves on facilitating school improvement as partners rather than ‘delivering material’.

‘What is Learning’ with Carl Jarvis
• What is the purpose of ‘the classroom?’
• Where and how would you rather work?
• How does the physical environment impact on learning?

Learning through REAL projects
• How can we ensure all children love their learning?
• How do we give children a choice, voice and adult world connections?
• How can we balance rigour with engagement?
• How can teachers truly become designers of their own school’s curriculum

Challenge based learning
• How can we create a burning desire for a need to know?
• How can children learn in self organised groups?
• What is the impact of withdrawing expertise (the teacher)?

• How do we get children to produce beautiful work?
• How do we combat time being the enemy?
• How can children use feedback to make accelerated progress without the need for marking?


Prices starting from:
Up to 10 people £1000
11 – 20 people £1335
21 – 40 people £1600
41+ people £2000

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For more information contact:
01636 653070


Up to 10 people From £1000
11 – 20 people From £1335
21 – 40 people From £1600
41+ people From £2000

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