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This is suitable for schools who wish to have a full and practical understanding of the interdependence model and practical protocols that can be used in school.

This journey feels like…
EOS Odyssey is just that…a journey through EOS principles and pedagogies, including a completely new approach to curriculum design – Learning through REAL Projects. EOS will work with your Senior Leadership Team to plan a bespoke Odyssey experience for the first 2-5 days of the academic year (September). This kicks off with a journey/‘road trip’ to a mystery location for all staff where they will be presented with the essential, driving question for the day, and indeed week.

Through this immersive Project Slice, all staff will get a real, authentic feel for REAL Projects and will get to experience this learning in a very similar way to your students. For the remainder of the Odyssey experience, EOS will work with your staff and your setting to facilitate a practical understanding of the pedagogy, exploring REAL Projects, Challenge Based Learning, The Learning Ecosystem, Teacher to Facilitator & SOLE and Critique (depending on time available).

Please contact enquiries@eoseducation.com for more information or to arrange a discussion about EOS Odyssey or Quest.

Suitable for: Whole staff
Duration: Between 2-5 days
Venue: To be chosen by school

* Also available as a 2- or 3-day ‘Quest’ outside of the first week in September.

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